All About Celiac Disease Treatment You Need To Know

celiac disease treatment

Before heading to what exactly are the methods of Celiac disease treatment. Let’s first define it in a much broader form as to what Celiac disease means?

Celiac disease is a condition in which our body’s immune system responds negatively if the patient’s consumption of gluten is done. In simple words, gluten is a protein found in food items like wheat, barley, and rye. The gluten consumed will introduce inflammatory reactions in the small intestine and damage its lining, creating perforations and pores, leading to a severe medical complication, which can further lead to malabsorption ( less or no absorption of nutrients).

The protein triggers the body to damage the small intestine; a small finger-like projection called villi aligned over the intestine wall helps properly absorb nutrients and transfers it to the bloodstream, which provides us with energy to do work. This leads to malnutrition, infertility, or even neurological diseases or gastrointestinal cancer.

Symptoms Of Celiac Disease

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Note that Celiac disease may or may not show symptoms.

Some people undergo Celiac attacks in which nausea and brain fog are the most common symptoms to be noted quickly and sooner.

Some common signs that are informed by the patients are –


Abdominal pain

Muscle cramps


Depression/ panic attacks/ anxiety


Fatigue/ nausea/Dizziness

Rotten smelling stool


If these symptoms don’t help you find out what you are suffering from, don’t worry.

Tests For Celiac Disease

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Several tests are medically safe and clear about your problems related to your body

The two blood tests to find out if you have Celiac disease are-

Serology – The scientific study of serum or other body fluids to determine the antibodies present. And due to the presence of these antibodies, the body forms in response to the invasion of a foreign protein or one’s body proteins.

Genetic testing – Determination of disease due to changes in the chromosome, genes, or proteins. This test can identify a genetic condition and rule out its chances of developing or passing through a genetic disorder.

Celiac Disease Treatment

Sorry to inform you that to date, there is no known cure for this disease yet; however, it’s chances of occurring can be eradicated, or it can be controlled at what stage it presently is in, through

Variation and proper regulations in lifestyle and diet.

Restrict yourself from consuming foods such as barley, wheat, rye, bulgur, etc

The proper dose of vitamin supplements such as vitamin D, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin K should be taken to avoid weakness and malnutrition.

Consult your doctor and follow the medication provided, such as steroids to control inflammation.

Eat food items such as fresh meats, fishes, fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and wines or spirits.

One can also join therapy sessions or support groups to improve your mental health and anxiety attacks.

The best way to eliminate this disease is to completely remove the consumption of gluten-rich food that can cause this disease after the root cause needs to be eradicated. Only then can the cure be reached.

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