Celiac Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Method

Celiac Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Method

One in every hundred people goes for celiac disease diagnosis. If it is found at the right stage then there is nothing to worry about. Even though there is no cure for it, it can be kept in control by following the right diet methods. But in many cases, people don’t realize that they have celiac disease even though they are suffering from its symptoms. There are mainly two blood tests that are meant for celiac disease diagnosis.

Blood Tests For Celiac Disease Diagnosis

There are to tests that are recommended for finding out the symptoms of celiac disease. They are…..

Celiac Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Method
Celiac Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Method

Serology Testing

Through this test, it becomes easy to look for antibodies present in your blood. If the test finds shows up some elevated level of antibody proteins, in that case, the test results indicate an immune reaction towards gluten.

Genetic Testing 

For checking human leukocyte antigens this test can be performed and this can be easily ruled out celiac disease.

Once a person experiences significant symptoms, then he should give the blood test for this autoimmune disease. Most important thing is, before starting the gluten-free diet he should give any one of these tests. Once the disease is confirmed, with the proper suggestion form medical professionals, he can start with proper diet plans. After trying out the gluten-free diet for some days, the patient can give the test again and check the results.

Other Tests For Celiac Disease

After one of the above tests, if the presence of the celiac disease is confirmed, then doctors may recommend the patient to undergo the following tests.


As you know in endoscopy doctors test the inner mechanism of the body by inserting a small camera through a tube. Here the focus is mainly given on the small intestine. This test helps in understanding the severity of the damage that has happened to the small intestine due to this celiac disease.

Celiac Disease Diagnosis: Capsule Endoscopy

In this test also the camera is inserted into the body but not through the tube. Here tiny capsules go inside the body carrying a camera and they send the required picture. Through this test, doctors can understand the condition of the digestive tract and recommend the treatment method.

Celiac Disease Diagnosis: Treatment

Other than following a strict gluten-free diet there is no proper treatment method separately designed for this celiac disease. Patients should avoid foods like farina, Durum, Bulgur, Barley, and malt along with Semolina, Rye, and Triticale. Of course, what should be completely avoided by people diagnosed with CD.

A gluten-free diet is a key through which patients can easily reduce symptoms associated with celiac diet and they can lead to normal life. But the diet should be strict and they should strictly avoid consuming gluten-rich foods. Even the foods which contain a minimal amount of gluten should be avoided since they can easily trigger the symptoms of CD.

Celiac Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Method
Celiac Disease Diagnosis And Treatment Method

Final Thoughts

There are the best methods available for diagnosing this celiac disease. Even though there is no treatment method that can cure this disease, a gluten-free diet is more than enough to control and cure the symptoms of this disease.

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