Celiac Disease Diet – Dont Eat Any Of These Foods

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Eating a gluten free diet is one of the most important things you can do if you are diagnosed with celiac disease. Not eating food from the four areas, namely: barley, rice, wheat and cereals, will severely restrict your intake of nutrients. The blood tests for this condition also identify the protein and nutrients in the foods that you consume. When you do eat food from the four areas, your blood will check to see if there are any problems such as an allergic reaction or a malfunction in your enzyme systems.

It Is A Diet That Strictly Limits The Amount Of Gluten

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The best way to avoid problems with your health, or at least to slow down the effects, is by sticking to a celiac disease diet. What is a celiac disease diet? It is a diet that strictly limits the amount of gluten that you take in, especially barley, rye and wheat. Gluten is the main protein in bread, muffins, cookies, cakes and other foods that people use to survive. Since it is a complex protein, the stomach cannot break it down into simple sugars.

When a person eats foods that are rich in gluten, his digestive system cannot break it down as well and creates antibodies to attack the gluten proteins. The gluten proteins then enter into the bloodstream, causing damage to the small intestine and damaging the villi and the inner lining of the intestines. This leads to leaky gut syndrome, which is a serious condition that can cause serious illnesses, including cancer. A celiac disease diet not only keeps the intestines healthy but also allows the intestines to function more efficiently and so the villi do not become damaged.

Protein Is Needed For The Building Of New Cell

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The main nutrients that you need to get the best nutritional value from the celiac disease diet are protein, calcium, iron and zinc. Protein is needed for the building of new cells, and calcium helps make sure that your bones stay strong. Iron is important as an antioxidant to neutralize toxins that enter the blood, and zinc strengthens the immune system and helps to make tissues and organs work better. These nutrients help to keep your body functioning properly and to ward off diseases.

Because a celiac disease diet not only keeps you healthy physically, but it keeps you healthy emotionally as well. You will have an increased energy level, and you will tend to be happier throughout your day. Your moods may even begin to improve. Some people report feeling less sluggish after eating foods that contain wheat products, such as breads and cereals. Your body will be able to absorb nutrients better, resulting in a fuller and more active life. This will lead to fewer health problems and overall better health.

High In Nutrients And Low In Carbohydrates

Many people are put off by this diet because they believe it will be very hard to stick with it long term. This is simply not true. Once you commit to this diet, you will find it easier to stay on it long term than if you were to go on a diet that you may not be able to stick with for the rest of your life. If you were to go on a crash diet you will not have a sustainable diet plan. With a celiac disease diet not only do you stay on a diet, but you are continually choosing foods that you know are good for you so that your body keeps on doing its best.

When you choose foods that are high in nutrients and low in carbohydrates, you are choosing foods that can actually help you grow healthier, faster. It is possible to have a wonderful celiac disease diet while at the same time sticking with a healthy lifestyle. Many people find that the best part about the diet is that they end up eating foods that they love and that they enjoy.

Summing Up

You do not have to give up all of your favorite foods as part of your celiac disease diet. In fact, the diet allows you to eat foods that you enjoy while at the same time eating foods that your body needs to remain healthy and strong. This is important because the purpose of this diet is to keep your intestines working properly so that you are able to digest foods properly and get the minerals and nutrients that you need from them. If you had to give up all of your favorite foods as part of this diet, you would not be doing yourself any favors by following this one.

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