Celiac Disease Diet List Of Foods

celiac disease diet

Having a gluten-free diet is something that most people would like to do. This has led to an increase in gluten-free products, and the internet is filled with food recipes for this type of diet.

It does not matter if you are a vegan, vegetarian, or a bread-eater, there will still be some foods to avoid. Here’s a list of foods to avoid when on a gluten-free dieta.

Oatmeal: You cannot eat just any type of oatmeal, including instant and processed oats. If you do find some, keep it away from others with a wheat allergy. Also, look for the word “enriched” on the container. This means that the oats are processed and have been modified in one way or another, and that is the only type you can eat.

Gluten-Free Rice Flakes

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This food is made from rice flour, which is processed, and so it has no gluten. If you want to eat it, you need to read the ingredients list carefully, because some brands contain more than the minimum amount of gluten for health reasons.

Peanut Butter: This is another item that is processed to remove gluten. Again, check the label carefully before you buy, because some products may contain more than the recommended amount.

Brown Rice: If you want to eat white rice, then make sure it is certified as containing whole grains. You can also buy rice cereal, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t contain the same high quality nutrients as whole grains.

Canned Beans

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They may be good to add to a gluten-free diet if you’re on a strict diet, but they shouldn’t be part of any sort of diet for celiac disease. Most people know to avoid canned beans, because they contain a lot of empty calories. However, some companies have managed to sneak them into their products so that they don’t have any carbs or fats, and are more filling.

Gluten-Free Pastas and Rice: You can find several kinds of these, but they have almost no fiber. These types of grains can also include rice cakes and pasta. Don’t use them to replace wheat pasta, since most of them are gluten-filled.


Pasta is made from the starch that’s found in rice. There’s a lot of starch in it, which can make you feel bloated. The starch in white flour tortillas also has a little bit of starch that causes the same effects.

Some people prefer whole grain breads. The good news is that you can substitute breadcrumbs, pasta, and rice crackers with whole grain bread without affecting your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, or other health concerns.

Soy and Bean Spreads: There are many soy products, and they all contain gluten. When used in recipes, you need to be aware that the ingredient label will state whether or not it contains gluten, since some companies are less careful about this than others. Check for the words “wheat “gluten-free “non-wheat” to make sure the product is safe to use.

Final Verdict

Soy Products: Soy protein is another great source of protein that’s a good substitute for meat. However, it contains a very small amount of protein, so you’ll need to consider the amount of protein you consume.

Soy Protein: Soybean powder is one of the most popular forms of soy protein, and there are many different varieties. The most popular is soy milk, which is the kind of drink you can get for children. When mixed with water, it can make a thick, creamy beverage.

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