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celiac disease foundation

Celiac disease Foundation with strategic investments in research, education, and advisory of Celiac Disease one seek to remedy this by accelerating treatments and a cure to the disease in a prospective way.

What Is Celiac Disease

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Celiac disease is a disease where an immune reaction is caused by eating gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, and other foods. With time, the immune reaction to eating gluten creates a high level of inflammation that fully damages the small intestine’s inner coat which further leads to medical emergencies. It even does not let the body absorb some important minerals required. Over 1 million people suffer from this disease every year. It can be diagnosed with a test and the disease is non-curable. But with full avoidance of gluten, can lead to fewer complications. Symptoms like wind, fatigue, bloating, nausea, ingestion, and low blood count are some common analyses. It is important to take dietary supplements and vitamins with a fully gluten-free diet.

Introduction To Celiac Disease Foundation

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The Celiac disease foundation was founded in 1990. It funds and takes initiative internationally on three main areas i.e on medical research on celiac disease, public policy advocacy, and providing education to patients and healthcare. The following three working areas are discussed below.

Research Initiatives- collaborations with the world-renowned dieticians, physicians, researchers, and mental healthcare industry and medical associations and colleges in the ultimate goal to work for celiac disease. Funding up the research centers nation-based to advance knowledge infield. It also markets and maintains the iCureCeliac, one of the largest patient registry, to make the research-centric to patients. It also drives up the clinical trial finder to get prominent patients to try up developed drugs.

Educational Initiatives To Patients And Healthcare- Some tools like symptom assessment tool, eat! Gluten-free ios and android apps to patients and family members for further information of disease. It also hosts conferences on the gluten-free expo, to get more info about the diet and therapies for the betterment of people out fighting the disease. They also collaborate with the institutions to provide translations and informing to all patients around the globe. They help in education and research on initiatives for the betterment of patients and research analysis.

Advocacy Initiatives- It educates the makers of policy about the needs of people with celiac disease. It trains and recruits the advocates of celiac disease patients to be active partners in research work. It collects and raises funds for the proper treatment and analysis of celiac disease.

Works Of The Celiac Disease Foundation

With tirelessly working for the betterment and research for celiac patients and research work, the foremost part is to make and diagnosis for the disease is important. With international services and programs for the public, patient, and healthcare and most importantly for the food industry to produce more gluten-free items. The main motto of the organization is to assure 100% of the diagnosis of disease to the population to eliminate any kind of life endangering outcome. The inbuilt relations with dieticians, physicians, and mental healthcare units ensure proper analysis and treatment of disease. The foundation of management is connected and registered under Independent Charities Of America, a non-profit organization that helps in pre-screen the funds and charities for the right work. It even provides information available on the website on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of celiac disease.


The times are gone when one needs to be unaware and unattended to celiac disease. The organization runs many health support groups to provide and support people diagnosed with the disease. Fundraising events are held and even people out can donate on-site with a registered name as Celiac Disease Foundation. Even the website provides a list of healthy gluten-free diets for patients. It is ensured that if taken proper care the disease can be treated and controlled without causing any harsh life-endangering situations.

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