Celiac Disease Hereditary – All About The Hereditary Problem

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It is a common disease that is caused by eating gluten which is found in wheat, barley, and rye. When consumed in high quantity, this protein known as gluten creates inflammation in the intestines by sticking to the inner line of the wall which creates problems in absorbing various nutrients. Treatment can somewhat help to reduce the problem but it cannot be completely cured. This disease can be lifelong. It is a hereditary disease that tends to pass on in the family. You should get yourself checked if someone in your family is having a problem. Many people do not know about this disease so, in this article, you would get to know all you should about it.

Celiac Disease Hereditary – Causes

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Although it is a hereditary disease but some causes due to which this is caused. The main cause is not yet found but infant feeding, gastrointestinal infections, gut bacteria contribute to the combining of genes with gluten. It is more common when the person has type 1 diabetes, down or turner syndrome, thyroid and microscopic colitis. Also, emotional stress can trigger this disease at any age.

Celiac Disease Hereditary – Symptoms

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As the inner lining of the intestine is damaged due to this, it stops absorbing the nutrients which are necessary for the body. Therefore, problems such as malnutrition occur which causes diarrhea, fatigue, bloating in the stomach, and anemia. Symptoms may differ in adults and children. In children, it can affect the growth and development of the body. Though many symptoms are related to the digestive system but sometimes in adult’s anemia, loss of bone density, mouth ulcers, joint pain, nervous system injury which includes numbness and tingling in the feet and hands, balance problems, and cognitive impairment are seen. In children, neurological problems are commonly seen which include attention deficit and lack of muscle coordination. Anxiety may also be a symptom of celiac as well as non-celiac disease. 

Celiac Disease Hereditary – Cure and Prevention

In adults, it is not possible to cure at all but some children are completely healed from celiac disease. This disease is lifelong and cannot be cured but the problem can be decreased to some extent by following a gluten-free diet and some medications. With a strict schedule, people feel pretty healthy. Dietary medicines and vitamins are commonly given in the course of treatment.


If you diagnose any of the above symptoms or any family person is having the disease, you must get yourself checked. Treatment becomes easier when the problem is diagnosed earlier. It is advisable to get the treatment done by a doctor instead of trying home remedies, which is an obvious mistake most people do when they find out they are going through diseases like these. Also, you might have to maintain a diet form and be on continuous exercises in order to get better. Besides, you should also make sure that you are not overdoing exercises and stressing yourself too much and in this case, it would be preferable to have an expert guide you through your fitness stream. 

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