Celiac Neuropathy Symptoms You Might Want To Notice In The Initial Stage

celiac neuropathy symptoms

Sensitivity to gluten is one of the common issues coming under the category of autoimmune inflammatory disease we can find as of now. If you are a person with celiac disease, then the consumption of gluten will set an autoimmune reaction causing projections to shorten which will further flatten. The Villi should be healthy for any normal person and without that, malnourishment can become common regardless of how much would you consume. Know more about the celiac neuropathy symptoms and save yourself from the difficulty earlier.

Celiac Disease

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This celiac disease is linked to the predisposition in a genetic manner and individuals sometimes may not show specific signs of celiac disease until they are old enough. The symptoms appear later in life and this could be triggered due to the surgery or any infection or a stressful event they might go through. If infants and children are already facing celiac disease, then they will have developmental issues eventually.


Background pattern

A recent study has found out that some people with this disease had neuropathic symptoms before they face any gastrointestinal symptoms that could potentially lead to celiac disease. 10% of the people with celiac disease have a neurological condition that comes along and there are problems with not only peripheral neuropathy but also uncoordinated movements due to the same. This clearly indicates the link between neuropathy for celiac disease patients. It has become common in Europe and it is considered as a disease that is less Diagnosed in the United States. In fact, the research states that Americans are at risk for celiac disease in the range of 1 in 133 people. According to the National Institute of Health, the reason for this disparity what the difficulty in the identification and diagnosis of celiac disease due to the symptoms and the lack of knowledge of course.

Celiac Neuropathy Symptoms

We have listed out some of the Symptoms and Signs you may experience if you are suffering celiac disease but this might not be in the same order or you might sometimes not experience all of it.

The first symptom would be being anemic, the second would be weight changes, constipation, delayed growth, regular weakness, tingling and numbness, loss of feeling in feet, oily stools, stomach problems, bloating, and consistent vomiting. While most of these symptoms might be common to other problems as well, you should be able to find the difference when you have neuropathic symptoms and this would require the doctor’s attention.


Due to the lack of knowledge about this disease, most people think the symptoms they are facing is common for a person following a hectic schedule but it is imperative to take it to the doctor’s attention and find out if there is anything wrong with the body and be able to fix it as quickly as possible. It will only be treated properly if you are diagnosing it early as possible. You might want to initially avoid gluten food for a better effect.

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