Celiac Overweight Symptoms and Weight Loss

celiac overweight symptoms

Celiac disease is a very common disease. It can cause a person to be overweight, however there are many different types of Celiac Disease that can cause a person to be overweight, and the symptoms are very different from one type of Celiac disease to the next. The most common type of Celiac disease is known as gluten-sensitive enteropathy, and symptoms include chronic fatigue, constant diarrhea and constipation, weight loss and skin rashes.

People with this type of Celiac Disease have an immune system which does not respond well to gluten. The body will try to remove gluten from the diet by releasing toxins through the digestive tract in the form of stool. When people have a diet which is high in gluten they may suffer from symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and cramps.

The Symptoms

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People suffering from this type of Celiac Disease often experience weight loss. This is because they do not have the proper immune system to remove the gluten from the diet. The other symptoms will be weight gain because there is no way for the body to remove the toxins which is in the stool. This can cause people to become obese because they have very little control over their weight, and they will eat foods that will allow them to feel fuller.

Weight loss from these symptoms can also lead to depression. It is not unusual for someone to feel depressed when they have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and do not feel as good as they did when they were eating normally. The symptoms of this disease will often cause people to be depressed and may lead to suicide attempts, so it is very important that people are able to maintain a healthy weight.

Consult Doctor


There are many overweight symptoms that are caused by this type of disease. Some people may experience frequent diarrhea, and this can lead to weight gain which can be problematic for the individual. If you are noticing any of these symptoms you should contact your doctor immediately.

If the weight gain is not due to something more serious, it may be difficult to determine the source of the problem. If you go to a doctor and ask them if they can test you for Celiac overweight symptoms, they may have to test you again. In this case they will want to see if you have experienced the symptoms before you started to gain weight.

Vitamin Deficiency May Be There

If the weight gain is related to a vitamin deficiency, you may need to eat a lot of high fat foods. This may help to keep the digestive problems under control. There are many vitamins and minerals that can help people with Celiac overweight issues.

When you have a diet that has a lot of fat in it and is high in carbohydrates you are not going to lose weight very quickly, and you will be losing weight at a slower rate than if you were to start with a diet which is low in carbs. It may take several weeks to get back to your original weight, but you will start to notice a reduction in weight in just a few months.

You will still need to exercise to help you achieve weight loss, but you will start to feel better. It may be awhile before you can return to eating normal foods, but you will have to try your best to stick to this new diet. Once you start eating normal foods you will feel a lot healthier and you will be able to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables more often.


If you want to start losing weight quickly and you have Celiac overweight symptoms, you should find a good plan of action to follow. The best way to start losing weight is to make sure that you know what foods to avoid.

The foods that you should avoid when you are trying to lose weight are foods that contain gluten or foods that contain too much sugar, and you will need to replace them with foods that are healthy. Once you know what to avoid, you will be able to make a better diet and begin to lose weight much more quickly than if you did not know what to avoid.

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