Eating Chocolate With Celiac Disease

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You cannot tolerate foods made with gluten, so you must eliminate it. But this can be difficult to do. It’s very difficult to stop eating chocolate because of the pleasure it gives us.

The first thing you will notice is that you don’t want to eat chocolate. I know you are asking yourself what on earth you can do about this. There are some alternatives, though. You might consider trying unsweetened chocolate. It is healthier than regular chocolate, and if it gives you a problem with digestion, it might be the way to go.

Fruit Juice

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Another option is to drink fruit juice. Some juice does have natural sugar, but most of them have none at all. Your body can then process it properly and make it acceptable foods for you to eat. Sometimes it depends on the type of fruit that you eat.

For example, orange juice is sweeter than lemon juice. Even if you can eat orange juice, you won’t like the taste. And you can’t put orange juice in anything, since it would certainly make chocolate much more appealing. If you use lemons, on the other hand, you can consume them with abandon. You won’t mind at all, and they are very good for you.

Prefer Soy And Almond Milk

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A third possibility is to replace milk and cheese in your diet with soy milk or almond milk. This is a great alternative. There are no bad proteins in soy milk, and there are no lactose-like proteins in almond milk. These three substitutes will give you a huge advantage when you have to stick to a celiac disease diet.

You may wonder how you would go about avoiding chocolate. Your best option is to avoid it all together. It is true that some types of chocolate contain small amounts of the protein that causes this disease. But these types are nowhere near as bad as those that contain all of the bad proteins.

Have Chocolates But In Limit

You can still eat chocolates if you read the label carefully. Some brands are better than others. But, if you buy your chocolate from a well-known brand, you won’t have to worry about getting anything that isn’t healthy. The brand alone is not enough to determine whether or not the chocolate is safe to eat.

To cure this disease, all you have to do is eat the right kinds of food, which means not consuming any products that contain gluten or the main protein known as amylase. When you eat this kind of food, the sugar passes right through and is quickly metabolized by the intestines, causing only a small amount of digestion time. This means that the stomach does not receive any carbohydrates or fat. It doesn’t even taste bad, since everything that is mixed with chocolate will be removed.

Chocolate Isn’t The Only Culprit

Chocolate is not the only thing that causes celiac disease. Certain foods are laden with it as well. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley, and a few other types of cereals. If your diet contains any of these kinds of cereals, you could very easily develop this disease.

Many of the world’s most popular dishes contain gluten, so you should avoid them if you don’t want to get Celiac disease. Foods that do not contain gluten include oatmeal, barley, pizza dough, cookies, and pretzels. Also, you should avoid eggs, fish, and most dairy products. If you have to eat something that is off the list, look for something that contains ingredients like rice, buckwheat, nuts, and applesauce.

Variety Of Chocolates

There are many different kinds of chocolate that you can eat. If you want to enjoy dark chocolate, you can find it in several places. You can also enjoy dark unsweetened cocoa, green chocolate, and white chocolate. If you prefer milk chocolate, you will be able to find that at the grocery store as well.

Ending Note

This diet has been known to help people who have celiac disease reduce their symptoms significantly. As the name says, this diet is high in protein and carbohydrates, which make it very effective in treating the disease. It has helped many people eat foods that they used to be afraid of. Don’t let celiac disease stop you and your loved ones from enjoying the things that you love.

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