Example Of Gluten Free Diet You Must Know Today

Gluten Free Diet Example

Gluten free diet is the need of the hour for many. Some people suffer from gluten sensitivity which makes it difficult for them to consume what’s commonly available. So you are not alone in this search for selective food items that’s free from gluten. Gluten in general is not a bad thing but the percentage of the population avoids it for many reasons. In some places, it’s also a trend to consume gluten free food. To make sure you don’t run out of ideas and examples, we have brought together a list here in this article.

Gluten Free Diet Example: Proteins

A plate of food on a table

Proteins are the daily requirements of a human being. And by default experts claim that most forms of proteins do not contain any gluten. The ones that need to be avoided are poultry, fish or meat that is not natural and has some form of artificial chemicals or substances in its creation. Another kind of protein that you must check before consuming is pepperoni, sausage, salami, bacon, and cold cuts. Ready to eat proteins and proteins that come with some form of soy sauce seasonings are an absolute no.

However, you can consume nuts and seeds, tofu, tempeh, shellfish, pork, bison, chicken and Turkey without cooking them in too many sauces. Legumes like peas, lentils and peanuts are also great forms of gluten free protein.

Gluten Free Diet Example: Fruits And Vegetables

A bowl of fruit sitting on a table

When it comes to fruits and vegetables in your diet, we can vouch for most of them to be gluten free. They grow naturally and anything that is natural and without pesticides is beneficial for your body. Some fruits like Pears, Peaches, Apples, Bananas, Berries and other tangy flavor fruits are great for your diet. For veggies, you can go for cruciferous ones like Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale and Spinach.

Moreover, having Onions, Carrots, Radishes, Mushrooms, Bell peppers, Potatoes, Squash and beans on your plate will help in providing the necessary vitamins and nutrients. However, vegetables and fruits that are canned, processed, seasoned too much must be avoided.

Gluten Free Diet Example: Whole Grains

Grains like brown rice, quinoa and millet form the base of our diet chart. A dinner plate or lunch plate without whole grains is incomplete and leaves you craving for food frequently. Arrowroot, teff, amaranth, tapioca, sorghum, wild rice, buckwheat and oats are free from gluten. Some grains that you can put aside due to their presence of gluten are triticale, barley, rye and pasta, cereals etc.


In addition to the above food items, you can also go for dairy products like milk, butter, ghee, cheese, sour cream and yogurt. Similar to the cases above, anything that is processed like ice cream, sauces and different types of packaged cheese contains gluten. Different types of cooking oils, flavored spices are also rich in gluten. Regular cooking oil, Avocado, Coconut and olive oils are good sources of nutrients. So you can try mixing and matching your food habits within these and create a diet that suits you the best.

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