Get To Know About Some Severe Celiac Disease Symptoms

severe celiac disease symptoms

Do you feel that you are suffering from any celiac diseases? But if you are not aware of the severe celiac disease’s symptoms, then let’s go through some of the symptoms. Celiac diseases are the disorder in which your small intestine gets damaged. It is a digestive disorder which is caused by an abnormal reaction to gluten. This disease is also known as sprue, non-tropical sprue, and gluten-sensitive enteropathy.  The main reason for this disease is gluten which is found in wheat, barley, and some medicines and vitamins, making your body unable to digest the gluten. So, you can reduce the amount of gluten food items.

You can see some severe celiac disease symptoms, which can let you know if you are undergoing this disease.

Diarrhea Is Severe Celiac Disease Symptoms

If you are going through any celiac disease, you might start losing water which happens in diarrhea. Many people experience it as one of the last severe celiac disease symptoms. You can get it treated in a few days of treatment, but it can sometimes take more time than usual.

Having Gas In The Stomach

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Having an excessive amount of gas in the stomach can be a symptom of celiac disease. It occurs when your body is unable to digest the gluten in your body. Some common causes of gas can be constipation, indigestion, swallowing air or lactose intolerance, and many more. It can also be reduced with some regular exercises and running.

Weight Loss

If you are going under a huge weight drop and unable to keep up the weight, it can be some of the early signs of celiac disease. It is because your body has lost the ability to absorb nutrients, leading to malnutrition and a reduction in your weight. To get rid of this, you can switch on to a gluten-free diet, which can help you to increase your body weight.


While you undergo any celiac disease, you might suffer from diarrhea, leading to constipation. Due to this celiac disease, your intestinal villi may get destroyed, responsible for absorbing nutrients. After eating your food, the food goes through the intestinal villi, and if it is unable to absorb the nutrients fully, it may gain some extra moisture, which will make your stool harder and lead to constipation. If you keep on following the strict gluten-free diet, it may not help you relieve constipation. You can also go through constipation if you are not involved in any physical activity or dehydration.


After knowing the several severe celiac disease symptoms, you can make sure you keep track of your health. You can’t avoid even a single sign that can lead you to any celiac disease.  You can immediately consult the doctor if you come across any of these symptoms. In addition, you can improve your food habits which can surely help you get rid of celiac disease, and eat more gluten-free food in your meals during lunch or dinner.

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