Gluten Guilt? Avoid These Foods That Contain Gluten -

Gluten Guilt? Avoid These Foods That Contain Gluten

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Gluten allergy, one of the most common allergies, is caused by foods that contain gluten. Now, what is gluten? Gluten is a complex compound found in commonly used cereals like wheat and barley. There are dire consequences of gluten allergy. People who suffer from gluten allergy upon intaking foods that contain gluten can have headaches, migraines, exhaustion, stomach bloat, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, joint pain, and anemia, to name just a few. Thus, it is highly advisable for people who are gluten intolerant that they avoid any processed foods made from wheat, rye, or barley.

Easy Ways To Cut Off Foods That Contain Gluten From The Diet

Cutting down on foods like bread, milk, biscuits, cookies, and cake is quite a herculean task, no doubt, but a gluten-free diet is quite easy to achieve. Just substitute your carbs with ample plant-based ingredients — for instance, vegetables, fruits, plant-or nut-based milk. 

Gluten Guilt? Avoid These Foods That Contain Gluten
Gluten Guilt? Avoid These Foods That Contain Gluten

Rice can be substituted for wheat since it is one of the most potent grains which does not contain gluten. Cauliflower bases as a supplement for flour-based bread in the pizzas are one of the trendiest food fads in the gastronomical scene. Cauliflower cheeses are also an alternative for regular cheeses. 

A smart-approach towards any gluten-free diet would be supplementing one with the other and not precisely cutting things off completely. The ever-evolving food industry is inclusive of all health and diet types. Be it vegan or gluten-free or keto, there are provisions for all. 


Here are the few ways and types of food which won’t stop you from having your favorite deli.

Gluten-Free pasta- Gluten-free pasta is an excellent alternative to keep on hand because pasta is a versatile ingredient that can take the form of dinner lunch or just snacks! Gluten-free pasta has many variants depending upon its size, shapes, and flour sources such as brown rice, white rice, corn, and tapioca, to name a few. Gluten-free pasta takes the form as a simple spaghetti carbonara, cold pasta salads, mac-n-cheese, kinds of ravioli, and lasagna.

The Mediterranean origin grain Quinoa has made a permanent place for itself in the organic diet. It hails from the nut-family and is therefore safe from glutelin and gliadin. Quinoa makes for an excellent alternative for plant-based protein. Thus can be used in salads, cereals, crumbs, and even as pilafs.

  • Instead of croutons and breadcrumbs, nuts can provide texture to your salads and schnitzels. 
  • Eggs are a significant source of protein, as well as gluten-free food. Eggs added with gluten-free flour can make your favorite baked goods, such as Muffins, Croissants, tarts, Cupcakes, etc.
  • Oils that are great to saute and fry and cook in are extra virgin olive oil and Grapeseed oil, soyabean oil. They are a healthy choice and taste great with veggies in a salad or sauté.
Gluten Guilt? Avoid These Foods That Contain Gluten
Gluten Guilt? Avoid These Foods That Contain Gluten

The fear that most people face, before embarking on a dietary change is the cutting-off of their favorite foods and the added expensive supplements. However, let me assure you, this is not the case in today’s market. With the wide arrange of gluten-free products available on every shelf of your supermarket, you can have your cake and eat it too!

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