Make Your Food Healthy And Tasty With Gluten Free Diet Recipes

gluten free diet recipes

Most people love to eat according to their taste buds but treating your taste buds with junk food might trigger health issues. But do you know eating grains can also be harmful sometimes? Most grains like barley, wheat, and rye contain gluten. It is a protein that may cause insensitivity and other health problems in some people. Thus, they should get the allergy checked and go for gluten free diet recipes.

Weight gain is at the top of the list of problems people are facing these days. To lose weight and stay healthy, people now choose gluten-free food. If you are on dieting and you are not taking any grain in your diet it may be harmful to you because it is difficult to add protein and other nutrition to your plate without adding grains. You should take the help of your dietitian for food selection. They may tell you some gluten free diet recipes that will be best to achieve your fitness goal

Along with weight loss, high energy, and health improvement, here are some benefits of gluten free food that might inspire you to add them to your diet plan.

Prevent Celiac Disease With Gluten Free Diet Recipes

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If you are having gluten-free food in your daily diet it may prevent serious health problems. Having gluten in your daily food can damage your small intestine’s lining. It may also affect the nutrient absorption from food. Thus, it is better to avoid gluten in the daily habit.

Prevent Gluten Sensitivity

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Some diseases such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, foggy brain, and other sensitivity can be avoided with gluten-free food. Eggs vegetables and fruits, buckwheat, corn are some foods that are naturally free from gluten.

It is not true that gluten-free food cannot be tasty. Here are some gluten free diet recipes that are best for your health and its yummy taste will treat your test buds

Raw Mango And Green Chills Risotto

Take a pan with a heavy bottom and add a half tablespoon of olive oil and butter (for taste not necessary) add five grams of each celery, leeks, and onions, two finely chopped green chilies. Let them release their natural water, add a cup of rice and mix it well with other veggies that are already in the pan. Add salt according to your taste. Now, add four cups of vegetable stock and cook till all the stock is absorbed by the rice and don’t let it become hard. After removing from the flame, add four to five fresh leaves of parsley

For Garnishing

Slice or grate half raw mango and half radish now and mix it in the cooked rice. In the end, add two-three basil leaves in small pieces. Add lemon juice before serving.


Gluten free food not only protects you from celiac disease but also helps you to lose weight. For a healthy and fit life, there are so many gluten free diet recipes that are easy to make as well as easy to digest. You should add gluten free foods to your diet after consulting with your dietician. It is the best diet food for you.

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