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The adjustable heating shoulder support is manufactured as one of the crucial parts of personal care products. They are particularly created for people who suffer from shoulder joint pains. This situation may occur due to frozen shoulders, injured as well as dislocated shoulders. Adjustable heating shoulder support can help in improving the local metabolism. Therefore they are quite helpful in reducing fatigue. They are an incredible gift for people who need to have a crazy schedule and need to work for continuous long hours. If you are an athlete, a teacher, or driver by profession, then they will be especially helpful for you. 

Adjustable Heating Shoulder Support

Adjustable heating shoulder support is of one size fit nature and sits either left or right shoulder. They are gender-neutral and can be used by both men and women. This adjustable heating shoulder support comes with an in-build heat therapy pas which can warm your shoulder. They also help in promoting blood circulation and sprain. Besides, they come up with an extra adjustable extension strap and two-way adjust, which meets everyone’s needs. They provide an adequate temperature and you can change them simply by one button click. Moreover, this shoulder wrap can be added along with a mesh bag for cold therapy. Though you would need to buy an extra one for this. This is helpful for people who suffer from acute injury. They should apply the cold therapy first and then use the hot pad. 

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  • Application Body
  • Material Composite Material
  • Model Number A1023401
  • Item Type Massage & Relaxation
  • weight 260g
  • feature 1 Braces & Supports
  • feature 2 massage
  • feature 3 healthy tool


  • The adjustable heating shoulder support is ideal for the condition like strains, tendon as well as muscle problems. 
  • These products are quite durable and have a long-lasting design. 
  • They provide warmth to your shoulder and pain relief to the sore part of these areas. 
  • This product is easy to maintain as they can be washed by hands and you can air-dry them. 


  • The adapter of this adjustable heating shoulder support can get distorted easily if they come in contact with water. 
  • This product can prove harmful for pregnant women. Hence, they must avoid using it. It must also be kept out of reach of kids. Additionally, People with pacemakers should avoid using them as much as possible. 


Your shoulder is one of the frequent areas where injuries can occur. This is especially common for athletes whose activities demand repetitive use of the joint but one needs to protect the shoulder even while carrying out these vigorous exercises. In situations like these, this adjustable heating shoulder support is the answer for you. It is quite a simple, non-surgical method for stabilizing and protecting your joints during sports as well as other vigorous exercises and activities. This product will help in reducing discomfort and helping you recover quickly from such injuries.

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