Symptoms Of Celiac Disease In Kids

symptoms of celiac disease in kids

Do you ever feel that your kids start having problems as soon as they have foods with gluten? If the little one has eaten a piece of pizza or a bowl of cereal and is feeling discomfort, then your kids might be having a problem known as celiac disease. Gluten is a specific protein primarily found in rye and barley, and there is mostly no cause for concern. After eating the food, it directly reaches the stomach, and the digestive system is responsible for breaking down the entire food morsels. There are finger-like objects in the small intestine which absorb the nutrients in the body. But that is not the case when it comes to the person who has celiac disease. If your kid is suffering from it, too, they can lose weight and develop anemia

Reason For Kids Getting Celiac Disease

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No one is quite sure why this kind of disease happens, but it has something to do with the individual’s bloodline. For example, if a person has the hereditary occurrence of celiac disease, then there is a 5 to 10% chance of it happening to them. About one in every hundred people in the United States have celiac disease. People are trying to be aware of this problem, and there are methods to diagnose it as well. 

Signs And Symptoms

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There are some common symptoms of celiac disease, as a decrease in appetite and diarrhea. Apart from that, you can also have poor growth and weight loss as well as stomach bloating. Most of the kids are having this problem between the age range of six months and two years. For some people, the problem can start immediately, and for others, it can be a gradual process. Someone with celiac disease can feel tired, and there can be a sense of irritation as well. Some kids will also have skin rashes and soreness in the mouth. In addition to that, some of the kids can also have lactose intolerance or even inflammatory bowel disease. 

How Can You Know That They Have It? 

It can be pretty tricky to diagnose celiac disease right initially, especially if the progress is gradual. A screening test will reveal that the person might have celiac disease, and it is better to check with a gastroenterologist. Yoshi will specialize in digestive problems and can look for the problems under the microscope. 

Treatment Of Celiac Disease

A person can treat celiac disease by not eating gluten. A complex process because gluten is in almost all foods, but you should hire a dietician for your kid. Along with a gluten-free diet, the kid should also get medication for the small intestine to speed up the healing process. Not only that, but it will give relief to the other symptoms like belly pain, diarrhea, etc. 


No matter what, they should not have junk foods like fried chicken, pasta, and pizza if they want to get rid of celiac disease. It is better to diagnose it early so that you can take the proper measures and medication.

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