Types Of Blood Tests Celiac Disease

Blood Tests Celiac Disease

Celiac disease has become increasingly common these days. However, it is unfortunate that there is no cure for this disease. It is generally a lifelong disease; however, treatment can help to a great extent. Because of the increasing rate of celiac patients, most of the food available in the market is now gluten-free. Or there is always mentioned on a food item whether it contains gluten or not. To diagnose this disease, one needs to get blood tests celiac disease done. They are often required for further treatment. There are several signs and symptoms of celiac disease; however, to be sure about it, blood tests celiac disease are a must.

The Two Types Of Blood Tests Celiac Disease

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A number of people don’t even know if they have this disease or not. For a number of people, it doesn’t cause any big problems at a certain age. The suggested and the best way to diagnose it is by going through the two blood tests celiac disease-

Serology Testing- It looks for the antibodies in the blood. The elevated level of some antibody proteins in the blood indicates an immune reaction to gluten.

Genetic Testing- This is the second of the blood tests celiac disease. It is done to look for the human leukocyte antigens, i.e., HLA-DQ8 and HLA-DQ2. This test can help you to rule out the possibility of celiac disease.

Cost Of Blood Tests Celiac Disease

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There are several home kits available in the pharmacy shops to do the genetic testing at home. Such types of kits cost you approximately four hundred dollars. However, the best way for finding or ruling it out is through blood tests celiac disease. They are on the costly side, but they are necessary for any kind of future treatment. One of the two blood tests celiac disease might cost you around two thousand dollars. We understand that it is very costly, but please remember that nothing is more expensive than your life.

Steps After Blood Tests Celiac Disease

Once the reports of the blood tests, celiac disease appears positive. The doctor will choose to go for either of these tests-


Capsule Endoscopy

Treatment Of Celiac Disease

If your blood tests celiac disease reports indicate that you have this disease, you will be put on a lifelong gluten-free diet. You might take the help of a dietician to prepare a gluten-free diet plan for you that suits your needs and tastes.


Your blood tests celiac disease reports are the biggest indicators of finding or ruling out this disease from your body. Once it is established that you have this disease, you should strictly avoid gluten from your diet. There is a whole range of gluten-free food available in the market. It might take time to develop a taste for such kind of food but remember your life is worth sacrificing some food items for. The blood tests celiac disease might appear costly to many of you; however, there is no other accurate way to find about this disease.

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