What Are the Symptoms of Celiac in Children

symptoms of celiac in children

In the last two years, the number of children diagnosed with celiac disease (celiac) has increased dramatically. When we were children, we rarely knew someone who had celiac disease. It wasn’t common knowledge. Today, however, we know that gluten is the culprit in many cases of childhood obesity, anemia, and a host of other conditions. If your child has been diagnosed with celiac disease, you are probably already worried about his or her health. Here are some symptoms of colic in children.


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The most common symptom of celiac disease is diarrhea. Usually, the child will eat a large quantity of rice and vegetables rich in gluten. When this happens, the small intestine, which is supposed to digest gluten, responds by producing antibodies to protect the body from its effects. In celiac disease, the antibodies are too strong to allow the small intestine to absorb the nutrients contained in foods. If the body isn’t able to absorb nutrients, symptoms of the celiac disease appear. The most common is a loss of appetite. At first, the child may eat slightly more than usual, but as the disease progresses, he or she will need less food. If the diet is changed to exclude gluten, weight loss usually occurs within a few weeks.

Weight Loss

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Another common symptom of celiac disease is weight loss. Because diarrhea associated with it is so severe, the child will probably lose quite a bit of weight very quickly. So do many people who are diagnosed with celiac disease. They often have a difficult time losing weight. Even after they eliminate gluten from their diets, they frequently regain the weight they lost. If you suspect your child has celiac disease, you should talk to him or her about taking CBD oil.

Intestinal Atrophy

Children who have celiac disease have a condition known as intestinal atrophy. This condition occurs when there is an overload of signals from the brain telling the intestines to remove waste products from the body. When the intestines are forced to work harder, they don’t get the signal they need to digest and metabolize the nutrients in the food that are supposed to be metabolized by these cells. Instead of carrying on with the job they were intended to do, the cells begin to die off.

Compromised Absorption

As this happens, the child’s ability to absorb nutrients from food is compromised. That’s when a nutritional supplement like CBD oil may be helpful. By adding it to his or her diet, the child’s health can improve dramatically. Recent studies have shown that adding a safe dietary supplement, like CBD oil, to the diet can reduce the symptoms of celiac disease and help the intestines to heal themselves. And working with the body’s natural defenses can also prevent other illnesses that stem from improper nutrition and immune function.

So, What Are The Symptoms Of Celiac Disease In Children?

In most cases, symptoms occur within a short period after consuming the gluten protein. Common symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, lethargy, and weight loss. More severe symptoms, including inflammation and chronic diarrhea, can occur if the person is suffering from a more severe case of celiac disease. In these cases, the symptoms may include bone pain, growth failure, and extreme fatigue.

Final Words

When you treat celiac with CBD oil, it can help to keep the intestines healthy. It can also help suppress the symptoms of celiac disease, which means that the child can go off gluten for an extended time without harming the body. With today’s great alternative medicines and holistic treatments available to us, nothing should scare us anymore. If your child has been diagnosed with celiac, we recommend treating them with CBD oil. They have no side effects, and they are very affordable, so you can’t go wrong!

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