What Is the Main Celiac Sprue Symptoms in Adults

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Have you ever wondered how it is that people with celiac sprue can still go on living a happy life despite their condition? It may seem hard to believe, but some people do continue to lead a normal life even with their gluten-sensitive condition. In fact, some of them even have wonderful, fulfilling relationships! Why is this? It’s not only because they have learned to manage their condition, but also because they’ve found ways to live with it so that it doesn’t interrupt their lives. These are some of the celiac sprue symptoms in adults that you should keep in mind.

An Overview

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The most common sign of this disease is diarrhea. While this can happen at any time, it is more common to find it in children and adolescents with the disease. Because of this, the most common celiac sprue symptoms in adults include weight loss, more frequent urination, and abdominal bloating. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor right away so that the condition can be properly diagnosed.

It’s important to remember that children and adolescents with the disease are going through a lot of growing up, just like other kids. You may notice that their eyes are larger than normal, and they are starting to behave differently in school. This is normal as they go through this phase of development. Of course, you shouldn’t expect that their behavior will improve just because they eat food made for children. But don’t fret; this is no reason not to try to get them back into a healthy diet. You may just find that the symptoms go away if they get on a proper diet.

Main Celiac Sprue Symptoms

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Another of the celiac sprue symptoms in adults is depression. While it’s hard for adults to understand how depression can affect a child’s health, they do understand that children go through things like teenage angst and bouts of acne all the time. This often doesn’t have an impact on their development, but when it does, it can cause serious problems. So if you notice that your adult child isn’t doing well with school, seek out the help of your pediatrician as soon as possible.

A few of the more subtle signs in adults include memory problems and mood swings. Often adults will note that their memories aren’t as sharp as they used to be. They may also start to take extra risks, perhaps driving too fast or not wearing their seatbelt properly. Some of this is normal but if it continues for longer than a couple weeks, you should contact your doctor. These symptoms can also be attributed to other medical conditions, so it’s important to get a doctor to look at your child’s medical history and do a physical exam.

There are several celiac sprue symptoms in adults that can signal the condition is present, but not until the disease has had a chance to aggravate. The most common is a loss of appetite, which is noticeable in both children and adults. Some children seem to eat more often than the rest of the family. They may have extra weight or not gain any weight at all. Their energy level may also be higher than normal.

In The End

If you have celiac sprue symptoms in adults, talk to your doctor right away. Once the condition is under control, there may be no need for treatment right away. You may be able to return to a normal diet and continue living a normal life. However, if your symptoms do not go away and you still experience them, talk to your doctor about more aggressive treatment options. The sooner the disease is caught, the better your chances will be of recovered health.

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